A cutting edge female pop artist has surfaced in San Francisco, California. With roots in Senegal and England, IDA fLO brings an international spin to the pop music industry. Tapping into her multi-cultural background, IDA fLO exposes a new sound. IDA fLO explains, “Remaining genre-less would be the first expression of my style, because I do not like to limit myself, but the pop genre has proved to be very versatile, so I’ve used this to my advantage and created somewhat of a new world of my own”. Club rattling base and leading-edge synthesizers guarantee you won’t be able to sit still through a IDA fLO track. Her combination of provocative 
lyrics and inventive music captivates and enthralls audiences around 
the Bay and across the Internet. Being heavily involved in each aspect of her career, IDA fLO not only sings and raps, she writes, produces, and choreographs to all of her original music. Fully invested in managing and maintaining a successful career as an artist. IDA fLO has had the opportunity to perform at Macy’s Annual Decadence Fashion Show, San Francisco’s Carnival and LGBT Pride for three consecutive years, Wild 94.9’s High School Tour and as far as Los Angeles, performing for the Universal Music Group Showcase, and New York performing live on BET’s 106 and Park. Such hard work and dedication is the unglamorous side of a successful music career, but combine it with IDA fLO’s talent and beauty and it’s not hard to predict where pop’s next star will shine.